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FreeBSD 10.1 sürüm takvimi

FelasifeFelasife 1,635
Aralık 2015 düzenlendi Haberler
FreeBSD 10 serisinin 1. versiyonu için yaklaşık sürüm tarihidir.
EylemBeklenenGerçek   Tanım
Initial release schedule announcement-10 Temmuz 2014Release Engineers send announcement email to developers with
a rough schedule.
Release schedule reminder10 Ağustos 2014-Release Engineers send reminder announcement e-mail to
developers with updated schedule.
Code slush begins22 Ağustos 2014-Release Engineers announce that all further commits to the
stable/10 branch will not require explicit
approval, however new features should be avoided.
Code freeze begins5 Eylül 2014-Release Engineers announce that all further commits to the
stable/10 branch will require explicit approval.
Certain blanket approvals will be granted for narrow areas of
development, documentation improvements, etc.
BETA1 builds begin12 Eylül 2014-First beta test snapshot.
BETA2 builds begin19 Eylül 2014-Second beta test snapshot.
BETA3 builds begin26 Eylül 2014-Third beta test snapshot.
releng/10.1 branch3 Ekim 2014-Subversion branch created; future release engineering
proceeds on this branch.
RC1 builds begin3 Ekim 2014-First release candidate.
RC2 builds begin10 Ekim 2014-Second release candidate.
RC3 builds begin17 Ekim 2014-Third release candidate.
RELEASE builds begin24 Ekim 2014-10.1-RELEASE builds begin.
RELEASE announcement29 Ekim 2014-10.1-RELEASE press release.
Turn over to the secteam--releng/10.1 branch is handed over to the FreeBSD
Security Officer Team in one or two weeks after the
Kaynak: FreeBSD 10.1 Release Process

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  • FreeBSD 10 serisinin 1. versiyonun BETA 1 'i duyuruldu.
    İndirme için burayı kullanabilirsiniz.
    * Kararsız sürüm olduğu için kullanılması tavsiye edilmez, deneme amaçlı veya geri bildirim yapacaksanız deneyiniz.

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  • FreeBSD 10.1 BETA2 de duyuruldu.

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  • FreeBSD 10.1 BETA3 te duyuruldu.
    BETA2 den BETA3 'e olan değişiklikler: 

    * Support for serial and null console has been added to the UEFI boot loader.

    * A potential panic triggered by referencing a device that has been renamed has been fixed in the cam(4) subsystem.

    * OpenPAM has been updated to the Ourouparia (20140912) release.

    * New sysctls have been added to vt(4) to enable or disable potentially dangerous key combinations (such as reboot, halt, and break to debugger).

    * The mkimg(1) utility has been updated to allow creating empty partition entries.

    * The GEOM_ELI class will now cache passphrases for disk decryption, which allows the system to boot after the first passphrase entry if the remaining disks on the system use the same passphrase.

    * Support for controlling mfi(4) controller properties has been added to mfiutil(8).

    * The /usr/lib32/compat shared library directory has been added to the default path.

    * Use of "no" for a Norwegian keymap file is now permitted in rc.conf(5).

    * Several bug fixes to autofs(5) have been implemented.

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  • FreeBSD 10.1- RC1 de duyuruldu.
    BETA3 den RC1 e olan değişiklikler:
    * A bug that would cause all processes to appear to have the parent PID of '1' has been fixed.

    * Various updates to bsdinstall(8) and bsdconfig(8).

    * The Hyper-V KVP (key-value pair) driver has been added, and enabled by default on amd64 and i386 architectures.

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  • FreeBSD 10.1 RC2 de duyuruldu.
    10.1 RC1 den 10.1 RC2 olan değişiklikler: 

    * Fix XHCI driver for devices which have more than 15 physical root HUB ports.

    * Fix old iSCSI initiator to work with new CAM locking.

    * Fix page length reported for Block Limits VPD page.

    * Add QCOW v1 & v2 support to mkimg(1).

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  • FreeBSD 10.1 RC3 te duyuruldu.
    10.1 RC2 den 10.1 RC3 e olan değişiklikler: 

    * Several fixes to the UDPLite protocol implementation.
    * The vt(4) driver has been updated to save and restore keyboard mode and LED states when switching windows.
    * Several fixes to the SCTP protocol implementation.
    * A potential race condition in obtaining a file pointer has been corrected.
    * Fix ZFS ZVOL deadlock and rename issues.
    * Restore ABI compatibility with 10.0-RELEASE.
    * Removed the last vestige of MD5 password hashes.
    * Several rc(8) script updates and fixes
    * bsdinstall(8) has been updated to allow selecting local_unbound in the default services to enable at first boot.
    * Prevent ZFS leaking pool free space.
    * Fix rtsold(8) remote buffer overflow vulnerability. [SA-14:20]
    * Fix routed(8) remote denial of service vulnerability. [SA-14:21]
    * Fix memory leak in sandboxed namei lookup. [SA-14:22]
    * OpenSSL has been updated to version 1.0.1j. [SA-14:23]
    *Fix an issue where a FreeBSD virtual machine provisioned in the Microsoft Azure service does not recognize the second attached disk on the system.

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  • FreeBSD 10.1 RC4 te duyuruldu.
    10.1 RC3 ten 10.1 RC4 e olan değişiklikler: 

    * Fix ATA CF ERASE breakage for certain CF cards.
    * Fix a race in pmap_emulate_accessed_dirty() that could trigger a EPT misconfiguration VM-exit.

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