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Lumina Masaüstü geliyor - PCBSD

PCBSD geliştiricilerinden Ken Moore tafından ele alınan, yeni bir masaüstü geliyor.

Lumina nedir?

Lumina, Qt ve Fluxbox tabanlı hafif, hızlı, BSD standartlarına ve lisansına uyumlu bir masaüstü ortamıdır.
Şimdilik sadece PCBSD için vardır ve geliştirilme aşamasında olduğunu da unutmayın..
Detaylar için bkz.
* PC-BSD 10.0.3 Preview: Lumina Desktop
* Quick Lumina Desktop FAQ

Lumina10-0-3-1-300x168.png  Lumina10-0-3-2-300x168.png
Lumina10-0-3-3-300x168.png  Lumina10-0-3-4-300x168.png

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  • FreeBSD / TrueOS üzerine Lumina Desktop kurulumu;

    Videoda kurulum aşamaları ve masaüstü görüntüleri vardır.

    Ayrıca kurulum aşamalarıda aşağıdaki gibidir.

    1) Install packages (all commands run as root)
    pkg install lumina xorg qt4-imageformats

    Note: Once the port/package is updated, only the lumina package will need to be installed
    pkg install lumina

    2) Setup X (as root)
    Edit /etc/rc.conf and add the following lines to it. This will enable X to be able to detect/use the keyboard and mouse:
    mixer_enable="YES" #required for audio control in Lumina

    Now restart the system with "shutdown -r now" to have those settings take effect

    3) Setup how Lumina will be started (assuming you are not using a graphical login manager)
    A) Log in as your user
    B) Create the "~/.xinitrc" file with the following contents

    C) Make the init file executable
    chmod 755 ~/.xinitrc

    D) Launch X as the user (this is the only thing that will need to be done for future logins)

    Acemi kullanıcılar için tavsiye edilmez, Lumina henüz betadır.

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  • Şu an da ufak-tefek hataları olsa da, şu haliyle bile memnun ediyor insanı. Bir kaç haftadır kullanıyorum memnunum :)
  • Bir kaç haftadır kullanabildiğine göre, gayet iyi o zaman.

    PCBSD nin kendi programları, menüleriyle filan light durumuda hiç hissedilmez, umarız biran önce finali de yaparlar.

    Güle güle kullan.

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  • Lumina Desktop 0.8.1 de duyuruldu, detaylar için buraya bakabilirsiniz.

    Yeni özellikler:

    1) New Desktop Plugin: “Audio Player”

    This plugin allows the user to play audio files directly from the desktop (with playlist randomization if desired).

    2) New Panel Plugin: “Home Button”

    This plugin will minimize all open windows so the desktop will be completely visible.

    3) New Panel Plugin: “Start Menu”

    This plugin is the classical alternative to the “User Button”, and provides a simple menu for quickly launching applications.

    4) New Slideshow file interactions in the Insight File Manager

    When viewing an image slideshow, the user now has the options to delete the current image file, or rotate that image file clockwise or counter-clockwise (automatically updating the image file as necessary).

    5) New Backend distribution customization framework.

    There is a new system file (<PREFIX>/etc/luminaDesktop.conf), that can be set by the distributor of the Lumina desktop or a system administrator to provide system-wide defaults. This allows full customization of the initial desktop experience for a new user (will not change existing settings), allowing the distributor of the desktop to easily create a customized experience for their users. Along with this comes the ability for a user to reset their desktop settings back to defaults should the need arise (either system defaults or the defaults set by the Lumina project itself). This can be performed through the desktop configuration utility (in the session settings).

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  • Lumina emin adımlarla ilerliyor.  ::D)

    Lumina Desktop 0.8.2 Released! de duyuruldu.

    0.8.1 -> 0.8.2 ye olan değişiklikler.
    Yeni Programı: "Lumina-info"
    This utility provides basic information about the current version of the Lumina desktop as well as link to various information online (source repository, list of contributors, bug tracker, etc…).
    New Color Scheme: PCBSD10-Default (the default for new PC-BSD users)
    Lumina-[Red/Green/Gold/Purple] color schemes updated.
    “Lumina-Default” and “None” theme templates updated significantly.
    Make it easier for a distributor to set a default theme/color by just supplying the name instead of the full path (since paths can be different on different OS’s)
    Fix issue with some fonts not loading properly.
    Distinguish between “Save” and “Apply” in the theme template editor (“Save” to update the file but keep the editor open, “Apply” to update the file and close the editor). This makes it much easier to test changes to the current theme template as you don’t need to close/re-open the editor to try it out.
    Add the ability to distinguish between transparent/opaque desktop plugins in the theme template.
    Yapılandırma Programı Değişiklikleri:
    Add a new dialog for selecting plugins of all kinds. This makes it easier to browse through and read the descriptions of the plugins before actually selecting one.
    Re-arrange the interface quite a bit. Now the general page arrangements make much more sense (Appearance [wallpaper/theme], Interface [desktop/panels], Applications [auto-start/file defaults], Shortcuts, Session [general options/window system] )
    Add the ability to set your preferred time/date format(s) in the general session options.
    Add the ability to reset your preferred file manager/terminal/web browser/email client back to defaults.
     Insight Dosya Yöneticisi Değişiklikler:
    Make all the file operations happen in a separate thread (does not lock the UI any more).
    Clean up the detection routine for Qt-editable files (for rotating images in the slideshow in particular).
    When removing a file in the slideshow, make it simply go to the next/previous image instead of the beginning of the list.
    Make the ZFS snapshot search functionality a lot faster if just refreshing the current directory.
    Masaüstü Oturum Değişiklikler:
    For vertical panels, have the clock plugin try to use vertical space instead of horizontal.
    Clean up a few desktop plugin stability issues.
    Streamline the session cleanup functionality.
    Fix some issues with 2nd panel functionality.
    Reduce the number of backend filesystem watchers (only one per session instead of one per screen now).
    Lumina Arama Değişiklikler:
    When searching for files/directories, make the initial starting point user-configurable as well as add the ability to exclude directories from the search routine (also configurable by the user).

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  • Çeşitli hata düzeltmeleri ve iyileştirmelerin yapıldığı Lumina Desktop 0.8.3 Released! duyuruldu.

    Bu tempoda giderse güzel bir masaüstümüz olacak gibi.  :)

    0.8.2 den beri olan değişlikler;

    FreeDesktop Standartları Uygunluk:
    * A number of bugs related to detecting/using XDG mimetypes were fixed.
    * Support for the XDG autostart specifications was added (usage only — more work is still necessary to convert the current Lumina autostart spec over)
    * Add some additional fallback routines to account for possible errors in *.desktop files.

    Yeni araç: "Lumina-xconfig"
    * This utility is a graphical front-end to xrandr, and allows the user to easily add/remove screens from the current X session.
    * Shortcuts to this utility are available in the user button plugin, and the settings menu plugin

    Insight Dosya Yöneticisi:
    * Add support for creating new (empty) files.
    * Add an option for enabling/disabling the use of image thumbnails (useful if you have massive directories of pictures — just be sure you disable thumbnails *before* loading the directory).
    * Add initial drag-and-drop support for moving files/dirs within a directory.
    * Load the specific icon for any application shortcuts.
    * Add the ability to view checksums of files.
    * Add some additional checks/excludes for copy/move operations in the background to prevent the user from performing illegal operations (such as moving a directory into itself).
    * Add support for listing statistics about the current directory on the window (number of files, total size of files, percent of the filesystem which is used).
    * Streamline the frequency of the background directory checker — now it runs much less often.

    Masaüstü Değişiklikler:
    * Disable the shutdown/restart options on PC-BSD if the system is in the middle of performing updates. The system may still be shutdown/restart from within PCDM — this just adds an extra layer of safety for users.
    * Have the shutdown/restart options use the “-o” option on FreeBSD/PC-BSD so that the system performs the action much faster.
    * Add support for thumbnails, increasing/decreasing icon sizes, removing files, and cut/copy files to the “desktopview” desktop plugin (the plugin which provides traditional desktop icons).
    * Add support for increasing/decreasing the icon size for the application launcher desktop plugin.
    * Update the icon used for the “favorites” system in the user button and the file manager.
    * Add the ability to display alternate timezones in the system clock. This does *not* change the system time at the moment, it is just a setting for the visual clocks/plugins.
    * Add a new panel plugin for pinning application shortcuts directly to the panel. (just like the “applauncher” desktop plugin, but on the panel).
    * Perform the initial search for applications on the system within the session initialization. This ensure that buttons/plugins are responsive as soon as the desktop becomes visible.
    * Fix an issue with transparent system tray icons on FreeBSD 11, and convert the system tray embed/unembed routines to use the XCB library instead of XLib.

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  • Lumina Desktop 0.8.4 Released! duyuruldu.
    0.8.3 ten beri olan değişlikler;
    Panel iyileştirmeler:
    • Add mouse tracking support
    • Add support for variable-length panels (a percentage of the screen edge length).
    • Add support for pinning the panel to a particular location on the screen edge (either corner, or centered)
    • Automatically re-scale the panel size if the monitor used in the previous session was a different screen resolution.
    • For hidden panels, have 1% of the panel size be visible on the screen while it is “hidden” (rather than a hard-coded pixel size). This is better for high-resolution screens.
    • Remove the restriction that panels be on opposite screen edges.
    Yeni seçenekler / lumina-arama için kullanım:
    • Easily change file/dir search preferences on a temporary basis
    • New command-line flags for starting searches instantly
    • Search functionality integrated into the Insight file manager. The Ctrl-F keyboard shortcut or the “Search” menu option will start a search for a file/directory with the current directory as the starting point.
    • A “Search” button has been added to the  home directory browser in the user menu. This will allow the user to easily start searching for a file/dir within the selected directory.
    Yeni "Sık Kullanılanlar" arka uç sistem:
    • This new backend is much faster and more reliable than the old system of sym-links.
    • Your favorites should be automatically converted to the new format when you log into the new version of Lumina.
    Yeni araçlar: lumina-fileinfo
    • This utility allows the user to view basic file information, such as timestamps, owner/group info, file size, and read/write permissions.
    • If the file is a XDG desktop shortcut (that the user has permission to modify), this utility also provides the ability to make changes to that shortcut.
    • This can easily be used by right-clicking on files in the desktop view plugin or within the Insight file manager and selecting the “Properties” option.
    • A big thank you to contributor William (william-os4y on GitHub) for writing this utility!!
    Diğer Rastgele Gelişmeler:
    • Better application recommendations for files/URL’s (especially for web browsers or email clients).
    • Major cleanup of XCB library usage.
    • Hardware-brightness controls now used for PC-BSD by default (if supported by the system hardware).
    • Putting the system into the suspend state is now supported for PC-BSD/Debian.
    • New clock display formats.
    • A large number of session cleanup improvements
    • A large number of session initialization improvements (including resetting the user’s previous screen brightness and audio volume settings).
    • New default keyboard shortcuts for tiling the open windows on the screen (new user configurations only)
    • Better support for the URL input format when required by an application.
    • Make the user’s “log out” window appear much faster when activated.
    • There is a known bug in Lumina 0.8.4 regarding “unlocked” desktop plugins. The close/maximize buttons for the plugin are unresponsive when using Qt 5.4.1, preventing the user from easily removing/maximizing a desktop plugin. We are still looking into this, but at the moment it appears to be a bug in Qt itself. As a temporary workaround, you can simply right-click on the titlebar for the unlocked plugin and select close/maximize from the menu instead.

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  • Lumina Desktop 0.8.5 Released duyuruldu.

    Bu sürümde sanırım en önemli özelliğin  FreeBSD için Türkçe dil seçeneğininde eklenmesi gibi görünüyor, %90 nın üzerinde Türkçe olmuş.
    Lumina 'yı Türkçeleştiren 2 arkadaşımıza çok teşekkür ederiz.

    Sizde katkıda bulunmak isterseniz, buraya bakabilirsiniz.

    Deneme amaçlı kurdum da hakikaten çok hafif bir masaüstü bu Lumina, oldukça kullanılabilir bir düzeyede gelmiş, süreklide gelişiyor zaten, sanırım bir sonraki sürümler de ben yavaş yavaş buna geçerim.

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  • Lumina Desktop 0.8.6 Released duyuruldu.

    Lumina bu sefer ne denli bir proje olduğunu da duyurmuş durumda, Web sitesini incelerseniz bunu görürsünüz.

    Ayrıca Linuxlar içinde kaynak kodları verilmiş ve kurulum aşamaları gösterilmiş.

    Artık Lumina nasıl bir şeymiş diyen maceracı userleri de bekleriz. :grin:
    1. Localizations
      • Add the ability to set system-locale overrides (used on login), allowing the user to “mix” locale settings for the various outputs.
      • Add the ability for the user to switch the locale of the current session on the fly (all locale settings changed for the current session only), and these settings will be used when launching any applications later.
      • Fix up the translation mechanisms of the Lumina interface, so everything will instantly get re-translated to the new locale.
      • More languages are now fully translated! Make sure to install the x11/lumina-i18n port or pkg to install the localizations and enable all these new features!
    2. Add support for the “Actions” extension to the XDG Desktop specifications.
      • This allows applications to set a number of various “actions” (alternate startup routines) within their XDG desktop registration file.
      • These actions are shown within Lumina as new sub-menus within the Applications menu as well as in the User button (look for the down arrow next to the application icon).
    3. Change the Lumina OSD to a different widget – allowing it to be shown much faster.
    4. Add new “_ifexists” functionality to any session options in luminaDesktop.conf. This allows the distributor to more easily setup default applications (browser, email, etc..) through an intelligent tree of options (which may or may not be installed).
    5. Bug Fixes
      • Apply a work-around for new users which fixes a bug in Fluxbox where the virtual desktop windows could still be changed/closed by various Fluxbox keyboard shortcuts. If an existing user wants to apply this fix, you need to replace your ~/.lumina/fluxbox-keys file with the new Lumina default (/usr/local/share/Lumina-DE/fluxbox-keys) – which will overwrite any custom keyboard shortcuts you had previously setup.
      • Fix some bugs in the new window detection/adjustment routines – fixing up issues with full-screen apps that change around the X session settings to suit their own temporary needs.
      • Fix a couple bugs with the automatic detection/load routines for the new QtQuick plugins.
      • Add in the “Ctrl-X” keyboard shortcut for cutting items in the Insight file manager.
      • Fix up the active re-loading of icons when the user changes the icon theme.

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  • Lumina Desktop 0.8.7 Released duyuruldu.
    Ayrıca uygulamanın resmi web sayfası ve Tam sürüm duyurusu için bakınız.


    Maceraya hazır mısın?  Bir BSD almaz mısın!
    • Localization support:
    • Catalan (99%), Chinese (41%), Czech (23%), Dutch (42%), Estonian (55%), French (45%), Hungarian (51%), Indonesian (62%), Korean (94%), Latvian (59%), Polish (74%), Portuguese (72%), Portuguese-Brazil (68%), and Turkish (92%).

     Nasıl oldu da Türkçe çevirisi en çok çevirilebilmiş diller arasında olmuş , hakikaten şaşırdım . Aklıma  " Acaba bizim üstat mı yardım etti çeviri işine "  diye soru gelmiyor değil .
  • İnsanın göğsü kabarıyor gerçekten, bende çok sevindim. ::D)
    Üstad (Gökşın hoca) çoktandır kayıp, işin garibi blogundan da ses yok.

    @hashhh adlı bir arkadaş şu an çeviren, hatta PCBSD ve Lumina 'yı %99 'a kadar tamamlamış ki ne kadar teşekkür etsek azdır.

    Sağ olsun var olsun bu gizli arkadaşımız. :alkis: :alkis:

    Maceraya hazır mısın?  Bir BSD almaz mısın!
  • Lumina Desktop 0.8.8 Released duyuruldu.

    Türkçe 'nin %100 olmasıysa ayrı bir güzel tabi. ::D)

    Lumina'yı çeşitli dağıtımlarlada paket depolarını kullanarak deneyebilirsiniz.

    Arch Linux AUR
    Debian 8 “Jessie”
    Debian Testing “Stretch” veya Debian Unstable “Sid”
    Fedora 22 veya Fedora 23
    Manjaro Linux
    Ubuntu 15.10

    Daha fazlası için, dağıtım desteklerine bakınız.

    0.8.7 -> 0.8.8 olan değişiklikler :

    Görünüm :
        * Add 3 different “view modes” for applications in the start menu: Alphabetical (no categories), Partial Categories (same as before – still on list though), or Categories (need to click the category to go into it and see the applications)
        * Make the symlink icon overlays a bit smaller (1/3 icon size, not 1/2)

    İyileştirmeler :
        * Add a new button for the audio controls in the start menu for muting/unmuting the audio
        * The RPM spec for Fedora/CentOS has been massively refactored.  Within the limits of supporting both Fedora and CentOS 7, 32-bit and 64-bit builds can be done from the same spec, so that it complies with Fedora’s guidelines on how a package should be structured.
        * Improvements across the board to the notepad desktop plugin
        * Re-do the “App Menu” panel plugin a bit. Now it uses a self-contained menu and lists the logout options at the bottom.
        * Fix up the sorting of the favorites items in the start menu to be sorted by display name instead of file name.
        * Add a couple new options for loading new wallpaper files in lumina-config: Single Directory (all images within dir), and Recursive Directory (all images in the selected directory and all sub-directories).
        * Add support for selecting a particular ZFS snapshot by name (in addition to the current time-slider).

        * NetBSD is now a supported build target
        * Add the ability to change monitor resolutions in lumina-xconfig.
        * Add support for intel_backlight (if available) on FreeBSD systems

    Hata düzeltmeleri:
        * Fixed a minor translation bug causing problems for the Portuguese language
        * Fix a crash on FreeBSD 11.x when removing a desktop icon.
        * Fix a multi-threading issue randomly causing lumina-fm to crash when opening a directory.
        * Fix a couple resize bugs with the custom resizeMenu class (used by the start menu).
        * Multiple fixes for resolution detection as well as graphical glitches that were causing menus to behave unpredictably
        * Many other random/small bug fixes.

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